Why DiffSpecs Prescription Glasses?

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Discount Prescription Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Shop Quality Discount Prescription Glasses Online

How to get the best deal when shopping for glasses online? Simple: by buying your prescription glasses at DiffSpecs. We've been a go-to name for trendy glasses since 2008, offering a more cost-effective alternative to your eyewear needs, without yielding on quality, performance, or customer service. At DiffSpecs you know you're getting real value on quality frames, without overpaying for what you don't need. We give every consumer the chance to experience the best prescription eyeglasses for less. Plus, when you buy glasses online at DiffSpecs, you profit from extra benefits such as fast, free shipping, and fully customizable prescription lenses included with each order. How are we able to offer such fantastic affordability and bonus perks? Rest assured, we haven't made any concessions on the integrity of our cheap eyeglasses. Instead, we've streamlined internal production processes and kept our manufacturing right here in the US. This is how we can keep our prices continuously low and the quality standards of our Rx glasses continuously sky high. At DiffSpecs we make first-class glasses with economy pricing, giving you outstanding value-for-money deals - no compromises required!

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Looking for a specific style of eyeglasses? You'll find a match in the fantastic DiffSpecs assortment. Our top-grade collection of discount prescription glasses has a match to every liking, including a perfect fit for any scenario. The DiffSpecs assortment of online eyeglasses covers all popular product categories, such as sunglasses, reading glasses, bifocal glasses, safety glasses, sports glasses &, and more. This makes us the ultimate online destination for all your optical needs. From sophisticated prescription lenses that will make you look sharp in the office, to ergonomic and anti-slip frames for maximum comfort during fast-paced outdoor activities, we've designed the right fit. We give every consumer the chance to express their personality through a fashionable frame, which is exactly why our selection of discount glasses online is this vast and versatile. Enabling every man, woman, and child to find a flawless fit that complements their style. Explore our comprehensive collection of premium glasses and prescription lenses online now, and discover your stylish match in the inclusive DiffSpecs selection now!

Not all glasses are pressed from the same mold. Those plastic round frames that are comfier than an old pair of sweats? Not so great for basketball. But they fit the bill for sitting at the computer. At DiffSpecs.com you'll find new pairs of frames and lenses tailor-made for every situation you can imagine. From playing video games to office work, reducing migraines, and even driving, we've got the hardware you need to make the most of life.

Protect Your Eyes with Prescription Sunglasses

Eyes may be the mirror of the soul, but sunglasses are the mirror of personality. DiffSpecs has the web's top selection of brand-name designer sunglasses, including all the best-selling men's sunglasses and the most stylish women's sunglasses. We also offer an unrivaled assortment of prescription sunglasses by the world's top sunglasses brands, including Ray-ban prescription sunglasses, Oakley prescription sunglasses, and much more.

Now there's no need to choose between comfort, style, affordability, and useability. You can have them all. DiffSpecs delivers a huge variety of prescription sunglasses for men, women, and kids. Re-lens your existing glasses frames or grab a new pair of shades perfectly suited to your unique features with our Virtual Try-On tool.

Explore authentic designer prescription sunglasses for men, women, and children—and enjoy perfect vision outdoors with lenses custom-made in your prescription. We use the best Rx sunglasses lenses available to give you the most effective UV protection.

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Explore best-selling prescription sunglasses styles—chic frames from top designers, sporty wrapped frames for athletic lifestyles, timeless looks that imitate the classics, and more—all available in your prescription. Protect your eyes from harsh UV rays on sunny days without sacrificing clear vision wearing prescription-ready sunglasses from top makers, in styles for men, women, and children.

Prescription Eyeglasses FAQs

DiffSpecs Prescription Glasses & Sunglasses FAQs

How to Buy Prescription Glasses Online?

When you buy glasses online, it can be difficult to get a feel of the frame and style. After all, you don't have the same hands-on shopping experience as when visiting an optician. That is exactly why DiffSpecs is the easiest and most convenient way to buy prescription glasses online. At DiffSpecs, our team has developed various innovative online tools, which aid you in finding a perfect match for your face and features. Already know your correct Rx details and measurements, but doubting about which style of frame will suit you? Then use our Virtual Try-On Tool: a fun and clever way of discovering how our fashionable DiffSpecs collection looks on you. This digital tool enables you to virtually ‘ try on' a plethora of glasses and frames, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. No crowds, no salespeople hassling you, and much better pricing than at your local optician: it's a win-win way of shopping for eyeglasses. Why make the journey to a store when you can bring the store to you with the click of a button? Exactly, that is why savvy consumers choose to buy eyeglasses online via DiffSpecs!

Why Choose DiffSpecs.com for Your Prescription Eyeglasses?

Getting the best deal on high-quality glasses online has never been easier, more convenient, and trustworthy, thanks to DiffSpecs. Our experts take the guesswork out of buying cheap glasses online, offering you budget-friendly frames and lenses that don't compromise on quality and performance. Besides giving you the peace of mind that you're ordering from an established name in eyewear, DiffSpecs also helps you save lots of time and money. Our curated assortment of glasses ticks all the boxes: comfort, clarity, style, durability, and a premium quality standard - at pricing affordable to all. Whether you're looking for men's glasses, women's glasses, children's glasses, safety goggles, sports eyewear, sunglasses, bifocals, transition lenses, or more: DiffSpecs has got you - and your eyewear needs - covered with a superb and affordable frame! That is why clever consumers buy glasses online at DiffSpecs.

We're so confident that our cheap glasses live up to and exceed expectations, that we even issue a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every purchase made through our website. Our company is doctor-owned and operated, and has been a go-to name for affordable eyewear for over 20 years. We produce all our cheap prescription glasses right here in the USA. This means that when you buy prescription glasses online at DiffSpecs, you know you're making a well-informed choice in eyewear, whilst supporting an American-based company. The advantages of being a DiffSpecs customer don't end there. We even throw in fast, free shipping with every order. Let us navigate you towards the best deals on online glasses, and profit from our expertise, affordability, and convenience today!

How can you offer such discounted eyeglasses?

Founded by eye-doctors, DiffSpecs.com offers customers an inexpensive solution for acquiring high-quality, complete prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses through its e-commerce website. Completely doctor-owned, its creators realized from their private practice and retail offices that they could bypass high-priced retail enterprises to offer the same high-quality, finished prescription eyewear at a much-reduced cost. What's more, all eyeglasses and sunglasses are manufactured solely in the United States. With our state-of-the-art, consumer-friendly e-commerce website, customers save an average of 70 percent when purchasing discount glasses from DiffSpecs.com.

Although our eyewear is manufactured with the same high-quality materials seen at more expensive establishments, we can offer them at a large discount because of our tremendous volume. We also don't have expensive eyewear displays, employees working behind the counter, or retail space rented, which reduces our additional overhead costs. Because operating our e-commerce website is much less costly than operating a retail establishment, DiffSpecs.com can pass these savings on to you, our online customers.

We offer the same top brands, such as progressive lenses and Transitions® Lenses that you would find at the finest optical shops and doctors' offices, but at a fraction of the cost. In many cases, customers can even choose a second pair of eyeglasses and still pay less than they would at a typical retail store for just one pair of glasses.

Of course, it's one thing to hear this from us, but we think you might be interested in hearing from some of our customers.

Can I order discount prescription sunglasses too?

Sure you can! Any of our frames can be made into prescription sunglasses -- with the same discounts as regular eyewear. All of our frames can be purchased online as non-prescription or prescription sunglasses. And, if you want to know whether you can order bifocal sunglasses as well -- you bet you can!

What kind of lenses can I get in my eyeglasses?

Our lenses are top quality, thin or ultra-light Polycarbonate lenses. We use polycarbonate lenses for several reasons. First and foremost, it is the required lens type for all children's eyewear because of its safety qualities. Polycarbonate is the type of material used in making bulletproof glass. It's also the preferred lens for people who have a lazy eye, or amblyopia, or who are blind in one eye. This material protects the "good" eye in case of an injury or accident.

Secondly, polycarbonate lenses are the most impact-resistant and lightest material made for eyeglasses. They are much thinner than CR39 (standard) optical lenses, due to the 1.59 refraction index. At no extra charge, all lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating (on both sides of the lenses) and a 100% UV coating. As a finishing touch, all lens edges are polished.

That said, we also carry a copious supply of other lenses for all of our eyewear frames.

Can I get Anti-Reflective Coating?

Absolutely. The anti-reflective coating enables people to see your eyes through their lenses, rather than a light reflection. The anti-reflective coating works by improving the light transmission through the lenses, always giving you sharp, clear vision. Anti-reflective lenses are highly recommended for night driving and computer use. In most establishments, premium anti-reflective coating retails for around $66.95, but at DiffSpecs.com, you can add it to any package for just $19.95.

Do you offer a 100% Online Quality Guarantee?

we do. We provide an unconditional guarantee on all our frames and lenses that they will be free of defects and manufactured and delivered exactly as ordered. Before your order is shipped to you, a certified technician inspects each pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses to ensure correct frame alignment and prescription accuracy. We package your glasses in a durable, attractive hard case so they are well-protected during shipping.